V-NET 2019 PAT

- ข้อสอบชุดนี้สุ่มขึ้นาเพียง 10 ข้อ เท่านั้น
- หากไม่ลงชื่อผู้เข้าสอบ ระบบจะไม่ตรวจให้
- ชุดข้อสอบนี้ถูกจำกัดเวลาทำ เพียง 10 นาทีเท่านั้น หากหมดเวลาจะต้องทำใหม่ทั้งหมด
1. Which appliances are used for an average of 5 hours a day more on weekends than on weekdays?

    Lights and Television
    Television and Other
    Lights and Heater
    Heater and Computer
2. What does the sign mean?

    Turn on
    Turn in
    Turn right
    Turn left
3. Look at the bar graph on the left. Can you tell what the bar graph measures?

    Kilowatts used by appliances
    Hours appliance used per day
    Total electricity per year
    Hours appliance used monthly
4. What is the man going to do?

    telephone the suppliers
    call the woman back
    order a new part
    pick up the motorbike
5. A chisel is used for ______
6. Situation : Vit wants to introduce his friend to his mother. What should he say?
    Samarn , I would like you to meet my mother.
    How do you do?
    I am very please to introduce my mother to you.
    How are you?
7. How much does the babysitter earn on Tuesday?

    4 dollars
    8 dollars
    12 dollars
    20 dollars
8. Which appliance has the most total usage?

9. A : ___________________________ B : I am looking for a bottle of Yanhee Vitamin Water.
    How do you spell it?
    How can I help you?
    It is about ten baht for each.
    One moment, please
10. A : Excuse me. I am looking for instant noodles. Could you tell me where they are? B : ________________________________
    Right this way, sir. And there you are.
    What do you want?
    What are you going to do there?
    I think I can not find my way.

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