1. 5.59 How can benzene enter your body?
. a. By inhalation
. b. By absorption through the skin
. c. By Ingestion
. d. Answers a., b. and c. are all correct
2. 5.81 What is the maximum permissible 8 hour TWA (time weighted average) exposure level of H2S?
. a. 30 ppm (60 ppm in USA)
. b. 25 ppm (50 ppm in USA)
. c. 15 ppm (20 ppm in USA)
. d. 5 ppm (10 ppm in USA)
3. 5.88 May an inspector board a vessel by means of using a Pilot s ladder?
. a. Yes
. b. No
4. 5.86 What is the principal limitation of a filter or cartridge respirator?
. a. It does not supply oxygen
. b. The face piece tends to fog up
. c. The expense to replace the cartridges
. d. Keeping the face piece from sweating up
5. 5.06 When lifting anything heavy, which muscles should take most of the weight?
. a. Upper arm muscles
. b. Leg muscles
. c. Back muscles
. d. Answers a., b. and c. are all correct, to distribute the load equally
6. 5.12 All samples which are transported between terminals and laboratories or other installations should be labelled in accordance with the globally harmonised system for classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS).
. a. True
. b. False
7. 5.16 Corrosive liquids will directly injure the body tissue on contact.
. a. True
. b. False
8. 5.22 When using a metal tape to gauge a tank, the tape should always stay in contact with the gauge hatch.
. a. True
. b. False
9. 5.05 When gauging a tank that is emitting vapours, where should you position yourself?
. a. It is not important
. b. Up-wind of the gauge hatch
. c. With the wind in your face
. d. With the wind at your left or right side
10. 5.64 Workers who are regularly exposed to benzene should have a regular medical examination.
. a. True
. b. False
11. 5.56 What is the current exposure limit for benzene (8 hour time weighted average)?
. a. 10 ppm
. b. 3 ppm
. c. 5 ppm
. d. 1 ppm
12. 5.43 What defines a confined space?
. a. It has limited means of access and exit
. b. It is not designed for continuous occupation
. c. It has limited natural ventilation
. d. Answers a., b. and c. are all correct
13. 5.55 Which of the following conditions can cause false readings on an explosion meter?
. a. Low hydrocarbon vapor content
. b. High moisture content
. c. Low oxygen content
. d. Both b. and c. are correct
14. 5.77 What are the characteristics of hydrogen sulfide?
. a. It is a pale yellow gas with a sweetish taste and strong pungent odour
. b. It is a pale yellow gas with the odour of rotten eggs
. c. It is a colourless gas with a sweetish taste and the odour of rotten eggs
. d. It is a colourless gas with little or no odour
15. 5.31 What is the main component of inert gas normally used on special chemical vessels?
. a. Nitrogen
. b. Carbon dioxide
. c. Carbon monoxide
. d. Hydrogen
16. 5.62 Which of the following statements are correct, when working with benzene?
. a. As a minimum, a full face or half mask cartridge respirator must be worn for closed or restricted system gauging and sampling
. b. A self contained breathing apparatus must be used in all open tank situations
. c. A self contained breathing apparatus must be used if the exposure is expected to exceed 50ppm
. d. Answers a., b. and c. are all correct
17. 5.07 When are inspectors permitted to operate valves on board vessels?
. a. When accompanied by an authorised person on board
. b. When no-one else is around to do it
. c. When the vessel staff are too busy to do it themselves
. d. Inspectors must not operate vessel valves
18. 5.47 Someone must always stand watch at the entrance to the confined space while you are in it.
. a. True
. b. False
19. 5.71 Who or what should you consult if you need to know detailed safety or exposure information about benzene?
. a. Your doctor or pharmacist
. b. Your Safety Manual
. c. The Safety Data Sheet
. d. The International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals (ISGOTT)
20. 5.36 What is the most informative source of information about the hazards of a product or chemical?
. a. The job sheet
. b. The Bill of Lading
. c. The Safety Data Sheet
. d. The operations supervisor

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