1. 6.59 Which of the following statements about upper, middle, and lower samples is correct?
. a. They can be taken in any order.
. b. They must be taken in the order lower, middle, upper.
. c. They must be taken in the order upper, middle, lower.
. d. They are less reliable than an all-levels sample, no matter how they are taken
2. 6.73 Both free water and entrained water are found in the sample taken by an automatic in-line sampling system.
. a. True
. b. False
3. 6.05 Which of the following types of container closure devices should not be used with glass bottles?
. a. Plastic screw caps
. b. Rubber stoppers
. c. Metal screw caps
. d. Cork stoppers
4. 6.74 What should be used to take a sample that is to be tested for vapour pressure?
. a. A zone sampler
. b. A glass bottle with suitable cage or weight
. c. A dedicated closed or restricted vapour pressure sampler
. d. Answers b. and c. are correct
5. 6.50 What is the name for a sample taken at a specific point in a tank?
. a. An all level sample
. b. A running sample
. c. A spot sample
. d. A single-tank composite sample
6. 6.17 A representative sample is a portion extracted from the total volume that contains its constituents in the same proportions as those present in the total volume.
. a. True
. b. False
7. 6.06 Which product requires particular care when selecting a sample container?
. a. Gasoline
. b. Fuel oil
. c. Benzene
. d. Jet fuel
8. 6.31 Why should sampling cord not be allowed to fall on the deck or tank roof?
. a. It could become contaminated
. b. It could make a mess that could cause a danger of slipping
. c. The cord could become damaged
. d. Answers a. and b. are correct
9. 6.60 When upper-middle-lower samples are taken from a tank, from what point is the lower sample taken?
. a. 1/3 of the liquid height from the tank bottom
. b. At the middle of the tank outlet fitting
. c. 1/6 of the liquid height from the tank bottom
. d. 150 mm off the tank bottom
10. 6.38 When taking a first foot sample of a jet fuel cargo it is recommended to
. a. Use a clear bottle
. b. Use only steel sampling cans
. c. Use only a clean zone sampler
. d. Use an amber bottle
11. 6.51 What is the term for a blend of samples from different shore tanks, mixed proportionally for testing?
. a. A composite spot sample
. b. A loading sample
. c. A clearance sample
. d. A multiple tank composite sample
12. 6.18 Why do sampling standards recommend that a vapour space should be left at the top of each sample container?
. a. To permit the surface of the liquid to be visible in the laboratory
. b. To allow space to test the vapour content of the sample
. c. To allow space for safe expansion of the liquid
. d. To avoid the loss of light components
13. 6.82 Why is a first foot sample taken?
. a. To determine the quality of the product in the shore tank
. b. To confirm that the vessel's tanks are clean
. c. To confirm that the product in the shore pipeline meets the specification
. d. As an indication that the cargo is has not been contaminated by residues from the ship s manifold or lines
14. 6.33 Which of the following statements is correct?
. a. Closed and restricted sampling equipment is essentially the same
. b. Restricted sampling equipment may allow small amounts of vapour to escape to atmosphere
. c. Closed sampling equipment is designed to prevent any escape of vapour to atmosphere
. d. Answers b. and c. are correct
15. 6.71 The controller on an automatic sampler is a device that governs the operation of the sample extractor.
. a. True
. b. False
16. 6.79 When should a sample be labelled?
. a. On returning to the office
. b. After removing them from the sample transportation box.
. c. Just before leaving the facility
. d. Immediately after it is obtained
17. 6.21 Before sampling oil in a tank, it is necessary to locate the oil/water interface.
. a. True
. b. False
18. 6.65 At what vertical location in the liquid is an upper sample taken?
. a. 1/6 of the liquid depth below the surface of the liquid
. b. 25 mm [1 inch] below the surface of the liquid
. c. 150 mm [6 inches] below the surface of the liquid
. d. The middle of the lower third of the tank
19. 6.36 What laboratory test will most likely be affected by not using dedicated sampling equipment for individual products or product groups?
. a. colour
. b. flashpoint
. c. sulphur
. d. Answers a., b. and c. are all correct
20. 6.70 Before testing, the product in the receiver of an automatic sampler must be mixed.
. a. True
. b. False

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