- ถ้าไม่กรอกทั้งชื่อ และนามสกุลของผู้ทำข้อสอบ ระบบจะไม่ตรวจข้อสอบให้
- ส่วนนี้จะไม่มีการบันทึกผลสอบ หากต้องการบันทึกโปรดสมัครสมาชิก
- ถ้าทำข้อสอบไม่ครบ ระบบจะไม่ตรวจข้อสอบให้
- ผู้ทำข้อสอบจะมีเวลาในการทำข้อสอบเพียง 30 นาที หากเกินเวลา ระบบจะไม่ตรวจข้อสอบให้
- เกณฑ์ตัดสินผ่านการทดสอบอยู่ที่ร้อยละ 90 หรือ 9 ข้อขึ้นไป
ส่วนนี้จะไม่มีการบันทึกผลสอบ และแสดงเฉลยแบบทดสอบ หากต้องการบันทึก และรายงานการทำแบบทดสอบ โปรดสมัครสมาชิก 
1. 6.31 Why should sampling cord not be allowed to fall on the deck or tank roof?
    a. It could become contaminated
    b. It could make a mess that could cause a danger of slipping
    c. The cord could become damaged
    d. Answers a. and b. are correct
2. 6.77 When/where should samples be labeled?
    a. In the laboratory.
    b. Immediately after the sample is obtained.
    c. Before transportation to the laboratory.
    d. Immediately upon arrival in the laboratory
3. 6.11 Which equipment is best for sampling free water in a crude oil tank?
    a. Zone sampler
    b. Dead bottom sampler
    c. Bottle and sample cage
    d. Weighted bottle and cord
4. 6.02 Which of the following types of containers should never be used for handling or storage of jet fuel samples?
    a. Clear glass bottles
    b. Amber glass bottles
    c. Plastic bottles
    d. Epoxy lined metal cans
5. 6.25 How is an all-levels sample obtained?
    a. By submerging an unstoppered container at a uniform rate to a point near the tank draw-off level then raising it so that it is no more than 85% full on emerging from the liquid.
    b. By blending tank upper, middle and lower samples.
    c. By submerging a stoppered container to a point as near as possible to the draw-off (suction) level, then opening the sampler and raising it at a rate such that it is about 80% full on emerging from the liquid.
    d. By submerging a stoppered container to the bottom of the product in a tank, then opening the sampler and raising it at a uniform rate until the container is full.
6. 6.27 When sampling heavy fuel oil, crude oil or petroleum products in a tank with non-liquid or sediment deposits on the bottom, why may manual samples not be representative?
    a. Because the material may be non-homogeneous
    b. Because the concentration of entrained water is higher near the bottom
    c. Because the interface between the oil and water is difficult to measure accurately
    d. Answers a., b. and c. are all correct
7. 6.50 What is the name for a sample taken at a specific point in a tank?
    a. An all level sample
    b. A running sample
    c. A spot sample
    d. A single-tank composite sample
8. 6.83 According to ISO 3171 and API Chapter 8.2 what is the number of grabs suggested when using an automatic sampler for transfers lasting over 6 hours?
    a. 100,000
    b. 10,000
    c. 1,000
    d. 100
9. 6.66 An automatic in-line sampling system will collect free water and entrained water.
    a. True
    b. False

10. 6.15 When should a free water sample be taken ?
    a. When requested by the customer.
    b. They are not necessary.
    c. Immediately after every loading, except for chemicals.
    d. Whenever there is a sufficient quantity to sample
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