- ถ้าไม่กรอกทั้งชื่อ และนามสกุลของผู้ทำข้อสอบ ระบบจะไม่ตรวจข้อสอบให้
- ผลสอบจะเก็บเพียง 300 ระเบียนสุดท้าย โดยเรียงจากเวลาล่าสุด
- ถ้าทำข้อสอบไม่ครบ ระบบจะไม่ตรวจข้อสอบให้
- ผู้ทำข้อสอบจะมีเวลาในการทำข้อสอบเพียง 30 นาที หากเกินเวลา ระบบจะไม่ตรวจข้อสอบให้
- เมื่อมีการตรวจคำตอบ ระบบจะบันทึกชื่อ และคะแนนลงฐานข้อมูล พร้อมเวลาเริ่มทำ และเวลาสิ้นสุด
- เกณฑ์ตัดสินผ่านการทดสอบอยู่ที่ร้อยละ 90 หรือ 18 ข้อขึ้นไป
หน้าแรก ข้อสอบใหม่ สร้างใหม่ เฉลยข้อสอบ
หากต้องการพิมพ์ใบรับรองผลคะแนน โปรดใช้เครื่อง Computer ในการทดสอบ
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1. 6.78 Why is it important to label all samples as soon as possible?
    a. National and/or local Government regulations require it.
    b. An incorrectly labeled sample could generate a legal action
    c. It is easy to label samples incorrectly if they are not labelled promptly
    d. Answers a., b. and c. are all correct
2. 6.29 After obtaining a tank running sample, the inspector notices that the sampling bottle is full on withdrawing it from the tank. What should the inspector do?
    a. Pour some of the sample into a second container
    b. Pour some of the sample out of the bottle
    c. Retake the sample to comply with the method
    d. Answers a., b. or c. are all correct
3. 6.13 Which of the following samples could be taken with a zone sampler?
    a. U, M, L samples
    b. Running samples
    c. Spot samples
    d. Answers a., and c. are correct
4. 6.79 When should a sample be labelled?
    a. On returning to the office
    b. After removing them from the sample transportation box.
    c. Just before leaving the facility
    d. Immediately after it is obtained
5. 6.57 A storage tank was manually gauged and found to have a product innage of 9.000 m [38 feet 6 inches]. The tank gauge height is 12.000 m [48 feet 10 inches]. At what innage level should the upper product spot sample be obtained?
    a. 7.500 m [32 feet 1 inch] from the tank bottom
    b. 2.000 m [5 feet 5 inches] below the surface of the product
    c. 11.850 m [40 feet 9 inches] from the tank bottom
    d. 150m [6 inches] below the surface of the product
6. 6.65 At what vertical location in the liquid is an upper sample taken?
    a. 1/6 of the liquid depth below the surface of the liquid
    b. 25 mm [1 inch] below the surface of the liquid
    c. 150 mm [6 inches] below the surface of the liquid
    d. The middle of the lower third of the tank
7. 6.11 Which equipment is best for sampling free water in a crude oil tank?
    a. Zone sampler
    b. Dead bottom sampler
    c. Bottle and sample cage
    d. Weighted bottle and cord
8. 6.35 Why is a running sample not acceptable if the container is brought up full?
    a. There is no way to tell when the bottle filled up
    b. There would be too much oil to test the density
    c. There is a chance of contamination from the bottle cap
    d. As the bottle warms up, it could shatter
9. 6.53 A bottom (dead bottom) sample may not always be taken at the very bottom of a tank. What is the correct procedure?
    a. Always specify the location where the sample was taken, for example Approximately 15 cm [6 inches] from the bottom
    b. Always take a bottom sample 5 cm [2 inches] off the actual bottom because that is where the neck of the bottle will rest when the bottle is on its side
    c. Always use a dead bottom sampler to draw bottom samples
    d. Always use a zone sampler to draw bottom samples
10. 6.54 Where is a lower sample is taken from?
    a. The bottom of the tank
    b. Just above the water level
    c. The mid-point of the bottom third of the liquid
    d. At the level of the tank outlet/inlet pipe
11. 6.63 When drawing upper-middle-lower samples from any tank, which sample should be taken last?
    a. Lower
    b. Middle
    c. Upper
    d. It doesn t matte
12. 6.69 The sample receiver of an automatic sampling system must be inspected to ensure that it is clean and dry before it is used.
    a. True
    b. False

13. 6.52 At what level in a product tank is a top sample taken?
    a. Middle of the upper third of the liquid
    b. 15 cm [6 inches] above the tank outlet
    c. Middle of the lower third of the tank
    d. 15 cm [6 inches] below the surface of the liquid
14. 6.82 Why is a first foot sample taken?
    a. To determine the quality of the product in the shore tank
    b. To confirm that the vessel's tanks are clean
    c. To confirm that the product in the shore pipeline meets the specification
    d. As an indication that the cargo is has not been contaminated by residues from the ship s manifold or lines