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1. 6.51 What is the term for a blend of samples from different shore tanks, mixed proportionally for testing?
    a. A composite spot sample
    b. A loading sample
    c. A clearance sample
    d. A multiple tank composite sample
2. 6.53 A bottom (dead bottom) sample may not always be taken at the very bottom of a tank. What is the correct procedure?
    a. Always specify the location where the sample was taken, for example Approximately 15 cm [6 inches] from the bottom
    b. Always take a bottom sample 5 cm [2 inches] off the actual bottom because that is where the neck of the bottle will rest when the bottle is on its side
    c. Always use a dead bottom sampler to draw bottom samples
    d. Always use a zone sampler to draw bottom samples
3. 6.83 According to ISO 3171 and API Chapter 8.2 what is the number of grabs suggested when using an automatic sampler for transfers lasting over 6 hours?
    a. 100,000
    b. 10,000
    c. 1,000
    d. 100
4. 6.74 What should be used to take a sample that is to be tested for vapour pressure?
    a. A zone sampler
    b. A glass bottle with suitable cage or weight
    c. A dedicated closed or restricted vapour pressure sampler
    d. Answers b. and c. are correct
5. 6.31 Why should sampling cord not be allowed to fall on the deck or tank roof?
    a. It could become contaminated
    b. It could make a mess that could cause a danger of slipping
    c. The cord could become damaged
    d. Answers a. and b. are correct
6. 6.43 Samples should not be taken from an unslotted or unperforated standpipe.
    a. True
    b. False

7. 6.33 Which of the following statements is correct?
    a. Closed and restricted sampling equipment is essentially the same
    b. Restricted sampling equipment may allow small amounts of vapour to escape to atmosphere
    c. Closed sampling equipment is designed to prevent any escape of vapour to atmosphere
    d. Answers b. and c. are correct
8. 6.03 Which of the following types of sample container should be used to obtain an initial first foot sample?
    a. Clear glass bottles
    b. Amber glass bottles
    c. Plastic bottles
    d. Epoxy lined metal cans
9. 6.11 Which equipment is best for sampling free water in a crude oil tank?
    a. Zone sampler
    b. Dead bottom sampler
    c. Bottle and sample cage
    d. Weighted bottle and cord
10. 6.71 The controller on an automatic sampler is a device that governs the operation of the sample extractor.
    a. True
    b. False

11. 6.34 When sampling a shore tank containing a product with an observed density of 1100 kg/m3, [API -2°] and the main concern is water, where would the water proabably be found?
    a. 15 cm [6 ] off the bottom
    b. Stratified between the lower and middle levels
    c. Floating on top of the cargo
    d. No water can be found in oils with a density greater than 1000 kg/m3[with negative API]
12. 6.66 An automatic in-line sampling system will collect free water and entrained water.
    a. True
    b. False

13. 6.30 A storage tank is manually gauged and found to contain 4.0 metres [12 feet] of product. How many spot samples as a minimum should be obtained from this tank?
    a. 2 (Upper and lower)
    b. 3 (Upper, middle and lower)
    c. 1 (Middle)
    d. None
14. 6.12 What type of equipment would you use to sample liquid in a 55-gallon drum?
    a. A dead-bottom sampler
    b. A bottle and cage.
    c. A sampling tube.
    d. A dipper sampler.
15. 6.09 Jet fuel should not be sampled with equipment that contains brass, copper or copper alloy.
    a. True
    b. False

16. 6.52 At what level in a product tank is a top sample taken?
    a. Middle of the upper third of the liquid
    b. 15 cm [6 inches] above the tank outlet
    c. Middle of the lower third of the tank
    d. 15 cm [6 inches] below the surface of the liquid
17. 6.01 Which industry documents describe the procedures for manual sampling of petroleum and petroleum products?
    a. API MPMS Chapter 17.1 / EI HM28
    b. IP 475 / API MPMS Chapter 8.1 / ISO 3170
    c. EI HM6 / API MPMS Chapter 8.2 / ISO 3171
    d. API MPMS Chapter 17.2
18. 6.70 Before testing, the product in the receiver of an automatic sampler must be mixed.
    a. True
    b. False

19. 6.73 Both free water and entrained water are found in the sample taken by an automatic in-line sampling system.
    a. True
    b. False

20. 6.17 A representative sample is a portion extracted from the total volume that contains its constituents in the same proportions as those present in the total volume.
    a. True
    b. False

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